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Don’t wait for DR quality

With the AGFA DX-D 40G digital detector, your direct radiography (DR) solution will be up and running in no time! Easy and fast installation means you get the benefits of DR, in an instant. The new Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) eliminates the need for an electrical connection to the X-ray system, so you can use it seamlessly with virtually any X-ray system, right away. You can maximize your existing investments, while opening up new possibilities and perspectives, with a cost-effective solution that helps you meet your goals.

Ultra-convenient DR

In its minimal configuration, the DX-D 40G instant DR solution delivers ultra-mobility: the use of AED technology and standard wireless communication can reduce the configuration to a DR detector and a laptop. You have cable-free, wireless and fully DR image acquisition instantly combined with an existing or new X-ray source. Both laptop and detector are battery-powered, so they don’t require a power outlet. With this platform your mobile analog radiography systems can be upgraded or retrofitted to ultra-convenient DR in a snap – without replacing your existing equipment. It even allows sharing of the DR imaging system with multiple X-ray systems.

Gadolinium OxySulphide (GOS) detector

The DX-D 40G is all about versatility: The detector gives you exquisite image quality with our industry leading MUSICA Image Processing.

A smooth operator

The new AED panel, the image acquisition workstation, the MUSICA image processing software – all come together to create a smoother workflow and simple connectivity. Functionalities like AED, an intuitive user interface offering access to a host of tools, and intelligent digital X-ray image processing help you enhance productivity and ease of use. There’s no time lost in post-processing, or in connecting to the RIS or HIS.

And a cassette-less DR solution means lots of productivity and workflow benefits, like much faster imaging cycle times … immediate verification of patient positioning and image quality immediate transfer of images… less risk of misidentification of images … and more. The detector, which fits into any standard bucky tray, can be easily removed for versatility in all exams, patients and applications.

Don’t compromise – optimize!

The DX-D 40G digital detector comes with our automatic, intelligent, body part-independent MUSICA image processing software, specially adapted and tuned to enhance DR image quality. MUSICA analyzes image data for bones and soft tissue separately, showing greater detail and allowing you to extract diagnostic information quickly, without any time consuming manual image adjustment.


  • Add a new X-ray unit or retrofit an old one: cost-effectively, easily and quickly.
  • All you need is a dedicated workstation or laptop and the DX-D 40 digital detector.
  • New Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) offers auto-trigger functionality; the detector is ready to capture an exposure with no generator connection.
  • It’s wireless, cable-free and battery operated: ultra-mobile, instantly!

First class service

Enjoy peace of mind, with AGFA HealthCare’s first class service support. Service agreements are available for simple phone and part support through advanced level agreements making lifecycle costs predictable. Our Damage Assistance Program (DAsP) for portable DR detectors covers accidental drops, bashes, hits, etc. including liquid damage. You can rely on our worldwide team of over 1,000 service professionals and authorized dealers to keep your new Instant DR running just as hard as you do!

Learn how we can help reduce your costs and improve efficiency for your facility!

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