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Maintenance Plans

Medical equipment can be costly to repair, but it is even costlier when equipment fails and your facility is unable to use it. In addition, it is important for your facility to stay compliant with Local, State and Federal Regulation regarding the maintenance of your equipment. Let us help you develop the ideal Routine Maintenance Contract based on your preferences and budget.

With the information you provide during our initial assessment, we are able to build a personalized maintenance plan that will meet the requirements of each manufacturer’s suggestions in regards to equipment servicing and maintenance scheduling. The package we design for you will meet the demands of your staff, patients, provide assurance that your equipment is running smoothly and help you avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns.

Service Plans We Offer


Covers Preventative Maintenance for your systems throughout the year based on regulations and the manufacturers OEM recommendations for each piece of equipment you want to maintain. This plan is very cost effective and provides fixed low monthly payments. This reduces the headache of issuing multiple POs and erractic payments throughout the year and allows you to have low monthly payments to budget for your required yearly compliance. We also offer discounted service and parts with this plan for the equipment under the plan that may require additional service throughout the term.


Covers unlimited Service for your equipment which includes Preventative Maintenance, Service Labor and Service Travel. This plan is also very cost effective and provides fixed low monthly payments without having to include parts. This is ideal for small to mid size facilities who have a lot of service needs but not a large budget. Large facilities benefit from this also when the equipment does not have large costs associated with the parts. By your facility keeping up with PMs and service needs, our engineers may be able to forsee errors that will allow you to budget for your parts ahead of time and purchase as needed. We also offer discounted parts with this plan.

Full Service Parts: HIGHER COST

Covers unlimited Service and parts* for your equipment which includes Service Labor, Service Travel, Parts* and Preventative Maintenance. This plan is cost effective and provides you with fixed low monthly payments and allows you to be fully or mostly covered with little additional out of pocket expenses. This is ideal for equipment with high parts pricing and for facilities that want to have it all budgeted in monthly payments. This plan can also be customized for coverage such as % of uptime guaranteed, Same Day and Next Day Service for your equipment that cannot be down for long.

*Parts coverage is based on equipment’s coverage needs, availability, risk and customers budget

Personalized Maintenance: MIDRANGE COST

This plan can be a combination of two or all three maintenance plans to provide you with the best coverage that is needed for each piece of equipment you need to maintain.

Additional Benefits of Service Plans

  • Provides you with experience and trained OEM Service Engineer Professionals without the OEM Pricing

  • One Service Provider and a “One Stop Shop” for one payment, one call for all your Radiology and Biomed Equipment needs.

  • Med Tech Solutions also provides you with your own Customer Web Portal access to help you keep track of all your documents from service, PMs, to parts to help you with your budget and instantaneous access to your records during audits and/or inspections.

  • In addition, it is important for your facility to stay compliant with Local, State and Federal Regulations regarding the maintenance of your equipment.

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