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Customer Web Portal

Our MTS Customer Web Portal is included and free of charge, with any of our Maintenance Plans. The MTS Customer Web Portal Provides you with access to all your Equipments’ Documentation which is customized and up to what you want to include. Anyone you authorize can access the desired documents in 20 to 30 seconds. No need to have manuals or search a file cabinet or hunt down vendors for documents when you are in the middle of an audit or inspection. This keeps everything in one place and helps you maintain compliance with Local, State and National Regulations.

Many of our customers include the following documents in their Customer Web Portal for easy access:

  • PM Maintenance Reports
  • FDA Compliance Forms
  • Physicist Reports
  • Outside Vendor Reports
  • Contracts
  • FMI
  • Service Reports

With the Customer Web Portal You Can Also:

  • Create new service requests
  • Order parts and materials
  • View outstanding service call information
  • Quickly and easily identify equipment that is becoming a problem with continued service.
  • Track equipment inventory details and history quickly
  • Review sales orders
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Our customer portal has been simplified so that anyone can perform a function quickly and easily with out training.

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