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The XC-1 will process up to 60 imaging plates per hour, all in Fujifilm`s standard, high resolution mode. Don`t be misled. Fujifilm`s standard scanning pitch of 100 microns provides a consistent 5 lp/mm resolution regardless of plate size. Other systems tout high throughput numbers but these are accomplished through low resolution scanning,

The reader requires only 2.4 sq. ft. of floor space so it can fit under a counter or behind the lead shielding of the control area of your exam room. The touchscreen operator terminal display can be wall mounted or placed on a counter. Alternatively, the entire system can be compactly situated on our custom stand located right in the exam room. There is no need for additional counters or room renovations. With the convenience of 110V power and standard networking connections, installation is almost as easy as plugging in a few cables.

All user operations are enabled at the Flash IIP Console. The Image and Information Processor provides all system functions from patient and exam identification, to image review and QA and transmission. A 19" color touchscreen display enables keyboard-free operations while also offering high brightness image viewing. Image enhancement or reprocessing using the full capabilities of Fujifilm`s advanced image processing is easily accomplished.

With robust local image storage accommodating thousands of images, your imaging is secure and yet readily accessible. Images can also be archived to CD or DVD for long term storage as needed.

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