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The Fujifilm XC-2 utilizes storage phosphor Imaging Plates as an x-ray detection device. The XC-2 unit scans and processes x-ray image information from the imaging plate. It can also print out hard copies on film via a connected image recorder and can transmit digital images to PACS.

With throughput speeds of up to 72 images per hour, it is the smart choice for practices with lower caseloads that simply won't compromise on image quality. Also perfect for off-site locations that need to transmit images back to another practice. High-quality digital x-ray that's perfect for your private practice. So small, yet so powerful. With a compact footprint of less than 2.5 square feet and standing only 32" high, the FCR XL-2 can fit in any exam room, in remote offices, even under counters virtually anyplace where space is at a premium.

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