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GE Lunar Prodigy Primo Bone Densitometer

GE Lunar Prodigy Primo Bone Densitometer

GE Lunar Prodigy Primo Bone Densitometer

Complete Medical Services is the GE Healthcare distributor for NEW bone density equipment.

The GE Lunar Prodigy Primo bone densitometer is the leading bone densitometer in the world. This is the best solution for the private practice physician. The Prodigy Primo offers the most beneficial solutions for Osteoporosis as well as Health and Wellness programs.

The GE Lunar Prodigy bone density lives outside the traditional use of doing simple Osteoporosis analysis. The GE Lunar Prodigy Primo offers a Health & Wellness feature with Body Composition analysis and CoreScan analysis.

CoreScan is dedicated to quantifying visceral fat, giving you a faster and easier way to obtain accurate measurements.

Weight loss is a leading factor in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Body Fat and Weight Loss concern the vast majority of the people.

Today, most common measurements for Total Body Mass, Lean Body Mass, and Body Fat Mass are not accurate.

The GE Lunar Prodigy Primo Bone Densitometer with Body Composition analysis allows for a full trending report showing the Lean Body Mass and Body Fat Mass – in both a graphic representation and numerical representation. This is the most accurate measurement available.

*New systems only available for sale within the United States

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